Lot 4 Spring Creek Ranch, Helena 59602
MLS ID #: 299738


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http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/299738/0/0/0/f02ba2438b64d9d0dcfb3a136817d0aa/1/ce61a88dcaad1e48405670ad70891b62/299738.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/299738/1/0/0/6d3da96a203073a0a2bcaa99bc84b3a8/1/ce61a88dcaad1e48405670ad70891b62/299738-1.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/299738/2/0/0/b59813febf0b8f5d407419f72525d2f9/1/ce61a88dcaad1e48405670ad70891b62/299738-2.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/299738/3/0/0/f00e906bba473e51c6a695ae2ac74983/1/ce61a88dcaad1e48405670ad70891b62/299738-3.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/299738/4/0/0/c85c2e698a54c06fa3871479ac8a40ac/1/ce61a88dcaad1e48405670ad70891b62/299738-4.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/299738/5/0/0/5be470ffe923dab30476e6e1df0cd21d/1/ce61a88dcaad1e48405670ad70891b62/299738-5.JPG

Lot 4 Spring Creek Ranch

This is why we call it "Big Sky Country". There is lots of potential for this beautiful property with 360 degree unobstructed views of mountains, valleys and of course, the big sky. Power is just 2 lots away or if you want true eco-living you can live off the grid. Build a weekend cabin, your dream home or if you love to camp, but hate to fight for a spot, this is your opportunity to own a beautiful piece of Montana.

Price: $47,500
For Sale: Land, --Residential Land (Active)
Date Available: 01-11-2017
City: Helena
MLS ID #: 299738
Land Information
Land Holding Type: Sloped,Hillside,Varied
Total Acreage: 20.01 Acres
Additional Details
Type: Residential

Agent(s) for this Listing

Charlotte Snyder (Broker/Owner)

555 Fuller Ave Helena Montana 59602
Mobile: (406) 461-0042
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