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Prepare Your Home For Spring Weather


The spring season arrives later in Montana, but you will want to prepare for the warmer temperatures of summer. After a long cold winter, you can enjoy the soft spring breezes by opening the windows in your home to freshen the air. Having high-quality air inside of your home is essential, but you should take time to clean your home's window screens and glass. Buy paper towels and cleansers at a store so that you can clean your home's windows.

Clean the Windows

You can remove the screens from the window frames to wash the items outside with a garden hose. Before you replace the screens, make sure to scrub away the cobwebs and dirt that have collected between the window glass and screens. This is also an excellent time to clean the windowpanes inside your home. You can dust your window blinds, or you can take down the curtains to wash the items.

Scrub Kitchen Cabinets

As the air in your home becomes fresher, you will have additional energy to continue the cleaning chores that were difficult to complete in the winter. This is a fantastic time to remove everything from the kitchen cupboards to remove a buildup of food debris. You should scrub the cabinets to deter any pests that might enter your home in the spring.

Organize Your Kitchen

You can organize your kitchen while putting things away so that you are able to find things easily. This includes getting rid of the items that you don't use along with checking the expiration dates on the cans of food. After cleaning the inside of your kitchen's storage systems, make sure to wash the outside of the drawers and cabinets to remove grease.

Sanitize the Countertops and Appliances

If you cook a lot of food at home, then the walls and floors will also have a buildup of grease, so you should plan to scrub these surfaces completely. Don't forget to sanitize other items such as ovens, refrigerators, microwaves and small appliances. Clean your countertops and sinks last so that you have a kitchen that is ready for preparing meals for your family and guests.

Create a Pretty Kitchen Table

When you have a table and chairs in your kitchen, you should also clean this area of your home. Remove the table's tablecloth to wash it, but instead of putting it back on the table, store it until next winter. Use a mixture of dish detergent and water to remove the debris from the kitchen's table and chairs. Buy a brightly colored tablecloth to use in the spring, and also, place a vase of flowers on the middle of the table. 

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