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Moving Here’s Where to Update Your Address


Moving can be stressful enough, but when you think of all the people you have to notify of your new address, that just adds to the stress! We've compiled a list of who to contact to give them your new address to make your life in your new house just a little bit easier.


Your first stop should be to change your address with USPS and have your mail forwarded to your new address. This will forward any mail going to your old address to your new one for the time being. This will be great to see what comes in that you need to change your address later on. Just visit the USPS website to change your address now!

Newspaper Subscription

Be sure to change your address to keep getting your subscription!


Make sure you transfer services if you are moving within the Helena mt area.


OPPD lets you transfer service from one address to the next. Start the process online.


Swapping your cable is also easy! Make your findings and do a swap.

Credit Cards

Any credit cards you have should be updated with the new address. You can usually do this online.


Try and visit your bank's website to change your address. If you can't, a quick call or visit should be all you need to do.

Subscription Services

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. But don't miss out on your next shipment! Update your address with each of your subscriptions.


The library also likes to have your current address on file. Stop by any Helena mt Public Library with either your ID with the new address or two pieces of mail with your new address to switch it over smoothly.


Stop by the DMV to get a new driver's license with your new address. You can fill out this form ahead of time, and don't forget to bring two pieces of mail showing your new address.


Notify all of your insurance companies of your new address. Don't forget about car, health & pet insurance!

Money Accounts

If you use an accountant, let them know of your new address, and they may be able to take care of a lot of this for you. But don't forget any investments, IRAs or 401(k)s you may have.

Health Care

All of your dentists, doctors and veterinarians should be on your list of who to notify. Don't forget about doctors you don't use very often, too!


This includes your child's schools and any alma maters you have.

Places of Worship

Don't forget about your church, synagogue or mosque!

Online Shopping

It's a rookie mistake to order something online and have it shipped to your previous address. Be on the ball and change all the addresses from your favorite online stores like Amazon or Target.

Magazine Subscriptions

Most places will let you change your address online, but otherwise a phone call should get the job done.


Don't miss out on your paycheck! Let your employer know where your new home is.

Friends & Family

Lastly, let your friends and family know you've moved by sending them a postcard or card in the mail with your new address.

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