55740 Fish Hatchery Rd, Other 59865
MLS ID #: 301363


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http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/301363/0/0/0/a62139685e82c7e9e6061fb33261f2b0/1/4a7b1c444762500393cdb2db54aed80d/301363.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/301363/2/0/0/b7db731386b6f453434b79b0810d7e3c/1/4a7b1c444762500393cdb2db54aed80d/301363-2.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/301363/3/0/0/025fbf31347733ab8067f50933df94b3/1/4a7b1c444762500393cdb2db54aed80d/301363-3.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/301363/4/0/0/e08cfa16ba4a6b8aceea5280b48fc770/1/4a7b1c444762500393cdb2db54aed80d/301363-4.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/301363/5/0/0/5af81f77f3e55fb1858587e06aad8192/1/4a7b1c444762500393cdb2db54aed80d/301363-5.JPG http://cdnparap80.paragonrels.com/ParagonImages/Property/P8/HELENA/301363/6/0/0/53805e96d2ae5fb7affdaba31bba6c4b/1/4a7b1c444762500393cdb2db54aed80d/301363-6.JPG

55740 Fish Hatchery Rd

Business Opportunity for sale! This well established business is now for sale! In business since 1978 the owner is ready to let someone else have an opportunity to own their own business. Farm and Ranch new and used equipment, parts, sales and service. The business, the business assets, the new and used equipment inventory, and the new and used parts are all included. Owner will carry a contract. Building and land to be leased back. Call for details on the break down of the business.

Price: $681,000
For Sale: Commercial, --Business Opp. Only (Active)
City: Other
Building Information
Total Square Footage: Over 5000 ft ²
MLS ID #: 301363
Land Information
Total Acreage: 10 Acres
Frontage: County Road (metres)
Additional Details
Area: Other
Type: Business Opp. Only

Agent(s) for this Listing

Charlotte Snyder (Broker/Owner)

Most Wanted Real Estate
555 Fuller Ave Helena Montana 59602
Mobile: (406) 461-0042
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