Is 'Curb Appeal' Really That Important When Selling Your Home? Yes - Here's Why

Do you remember the first time you shopped for or purchased a home? If so, think back to that moment. What did you first notice? Do you remember certain aspects of the home's appearance, or perhaps some unique landscape feature? Was it the bright color of the freshly-painted door or the glossy sheen from the clean windows? The concept of 'curb appe...
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Selling Your Home? Five Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Seven years ago, you experienced the joy of home ownership for the first time when you purchased a fixer-upper in the suburbs. Due to an unexpected job relocation, you’re buying a home for the second time. However, before buying real estate again, you must first sell your current home in Montana. If selling real estate is your top priority right now, you might be busily staging your home. To increase your odds of realizing a quick sale, avoid the following, common mistakes homeowners make when staging their houses.

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