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Stage Your Bathrooms Like a Pro with These Five Tips

Staging a bathroomGlancing at your calendar, you realize your open house is only two weeks away. Immediately, you feel like a swarm of butterflies has entered your stomach. Because you’ve already purchased a new place, selling your current home quickly is crucial. If you can relate to this scenario, concentrate on staging your bathrooms to perfection. Like kitchens, bathrooms sell homes. To make your bathrooms look like spa retreats, consider adhering to the following tips.

Fix the Drip

Do your bathroom sinks or showers drip constantly? Make fixing leaky fixtures a priority. If you can’t accomplish this important task yourself, hire a professional plumber. Also, ensure your toilets don’t run all of the time. Avoid succumbing to the temptation to merely turn the water completely off to your bathrooms. Potential homebuyers often turn faucets on in order to check water pressure levels.

Add Functional Décor Pieces

Make your bathrooms look like hotel suites by adding functional décor pieces. For example, you might wish to place a wooden stool by your bathtub. Investing in a long ottoman, a marble side table, or a stylish chair is also smart. However, be wary about cramming large pieces of furniture in small bathrooms. You might falsely give the impression your bathrooms lack adequate space.

Make Minor Updates

When staging your bathrooms, you likely don’t wish to break your bank. Instead of completing major renovations, make minor updates that provide the wow factor. Think about replacing your:

• Cabinet hardware
• Sink faucets
• Showerheads
• Mirrors
• Towel racks
• Toilet paper holders

Do your bathrooms contain peeling wallpaper? Grab a steamer and remove it immediately. Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Painting your bathrooms light, airy hues can make them resemble upscale spas.

Highlight Your Storage Space

Storage space is important to prospective homebuyers. If your bathroom cupboards are full, think about removing about half of your items. You should definitely get rid of personal things such as:

• Medicine
• Makeup
• Hair products
• Cleaning supplies

Invest in Neutral Accessories

Dress your bathrooms up with stylish, neutral accessories. For instance, neatly folding a couple of white, beige, or gray towels on a wooden stool or bamboo tray is a great idea. You might also want to invest in:

• Scented soaps
• Natural loofas
• Sea sponges
• Bath brushes
• Candles of various sizes
• Bath oils
• Wash cloths

Group items together in odd numbers. Vary the sizes of things too. For instance, you may wish to place three different sized candles on the ledge of your oversized bathtub.

You might feel transforming lackluster bathrooms into showrooms is an impossibility. Thankfully, armed with the aforementioned tips, nearly anyone can drastically improve the appearance of his or her bathrooms. Even better, you won’t need to empty your wallet.

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