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Selling Your Home in the Winter

Real Estate Staging Tips for Selling Your Montana Home in the Winter
Selling a home during the cold winter months may sound like a nearly impossible feat. Many families take the time to do some traveling during the holidays, while many others are turned off by the frigid temperatures and icy conditions and simply opt to stay indoors until the Montana sun and warmth return. However, winter creates a rare and wonderful opportunity to emphasize your home's cozy and family-friendly attributes. To maximize buyers' interest during the cold season, one simply needs to pay special attention to the details that make their home special. Follow these 5 easy real estate tips and staging ideas below to drastically increase your chances of finding a buyer.

1. The exterior is important

Perhaps one of the most commonly overlooked tips for selling a home is focusing on the exterior of your property. Since the outside of your home is the first thing house hunters will see, it is crucial to spruce up its curb appeal.

This may involve several steps, including but not limited to:

  • clearing walkways and sidewalks of snow, ice, and fallen sticks or shrubbery
  • cleaning eaves troughs
  • washing paintwork and siding with warm water and soap
  • keep windows freshly washed
  • neatly place flower pots, urns, and other decorative pieces in the yard to highlight the potential for a pretty lawn in the summer
  • make the entryway the main focal point by adorning the door with a pretty wreath or by placing on the front porch a large urn full of vibrant and festive greenery and/or decor

2. Stage the main room with a crackling fire and/or Candles

There is no quicker or easier way to create the feeling of ambience and romance than by lighting a couple scented candles (cinnamon and apple cider are great seasonal scents) or starting a warm and welcoming fire. Avoid a fire if you have an older wood-burning fireplace, however, since it can fill the room with a smoky odor that may aggravate allergies in some people.

3. Keep the house and entryways free of clutter

This tip can be useful year-round, but it is no less important during the cold season. The appearance of clutter is a big turn-off for house hunters, so be sure to keep floors swept and mopped, muddy boots, and personal items tucked neatly into trunks and closets, just to name a few. A clean and tidy house will always sell faster than a dirty, cluttered, or smelly space.

4. Add a touch of warmth to each room

By adding a few simple touches to each room--such as a holiday throw blanket draped across the back of the couch or a vase of winter pine cones and seasonal shrubbery on the end tables--you can make a huge difference in the way your home feels to outsiders. Leave lights on throughout the entire house, since winter days are commonly dim. The soft light inside the home will create a warm contrast against the dreariness outside.

5. Showcase outdoor rooms that can be used during the winter

If you have an outdoor space, such as a mudroom, covered patio, or outdoor fireplace, be sure to keep these areas furnished and functioning while you show your home to possible buyers. Maximize the appearance of these spaces by keeping exterior lights turned on, building a fire in outdoor fireplaces, or by decorating the space with accent pieces like quilts and throw rugs.

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