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Living With a Small Green Space: How to Make the Most of a Smaller, Cherished Courtyard

Living With a Small Green Space: How to Make the Most of a Smaller, Cherished Courtyard

It's awesome to have a yard these days, but so many new developments in the city have limited green space for you to give your creative energy a chance to run wild. In case you're pondering what you can do with your patch of green space or little yard, here are a couple of options for making it aesthetically appealing and still maximizing its potential.

Pick A Centerpiece

To extend the look of your green space, try including a centerpiece or point of convergence that will draw the eye and in a flash enhance your yard's appeal. Regardless of whether you choose a grower, a birdbath or an awning covered in vines, an exceptional piece will work to distract from the limitations imposed by your yard. A centerpiece may do nothing to extend your garden space, however by changing the way you see it, it will have a significant effect in how you feel about it.

Make It Match

Your garden or back green space will look a whole lot smaller if it's eclectic style diverges greatly from your home, so keep the two aligned. In the event that there's a selection of colors and style you use in the room that faces your yard, make use of them outdoors! It's also imperative to make it something you'll in truly use. As landscape architect Amber Freda of Amber Freda Home & Garden Design says, "A plain dining table with wooden chairs won't entice you to use it very much, but really comfortable lounge seating will."

Keep It Clean

It's a well-known fact that clutter in any enclosed space will instantly make it look smaller, and it's no different when it comes to your yard. Instead of jamming an excessive amount of stuff into your small space, keep it simple and decide exactly what you want to get out of the area, whether it's a vegetable garden or a comfortable place to sit. In keeping with clutter free, you'll also want to make sure you keep any invasive or aggressive plants from making themselves too comfortable!

It may seem limiting to have an undersized green space, but by deciding what you want to get out of it and creating a central point of interest, you'll be well on your way to a comfortable place. If you're currently fixing up your home in the hopes of putting it up for sale, you may want to contact one of our real estate professionals for more information.

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