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Home Staging & Your Front Yard

market update, market report, financingAs we discussed in the previous article, first impressions are extremely important.  So you not only want to make sure your front entry and the outside of the home is looking good, but you also want to make sure that the front yard is appealing.

If it's spring or summertime, you'll want to make sure that you're taking extra care of your lawn and that there are no brown spots.  Fertilize it, water it, plant some beautiful flowers, just spruce it up in general.  If you have some big brown spots consider putting some sod over those spots.  It really makes a big difference.  Get rid of the weeds!  No one likes weeds and it makes a home look unkempt. 

Shrubs, trees, and hedges should be pruned and looking neat and tidy.  Rounded shapes for shrubs are appealing and hedges should be squared off, especially if they're used as a border.  Keep about five feet of the bottom of pine trees trimmed and just general pruning of trees not only looks nice, but is good for the trees.  While you're trimming, make sure to take out all the dead branches and dead wood hanging around.  It makes a whole yard look cleaner and more spacious.  Large trees with low hanging branches can darken a yard or even the interior of a house if they sit right in front, which makes things feel a little gloomy.  Brighten up the area by getting rid of those branches, or if necessary, the tree itself. 

If you're using bark as a ground covering, make sure to put fresh bark down.  It looks cared for to have the dark stuff down, rather than the faded out bark.  It shows you care about how your yard looks.  If you're using landscape rock, make sure all the trees are pulled and leaves blown out.  Make sure your garden is tidy and weeds pulled there too.  Plant a variety of colorful flowers that bring smiles and happiness to your yard.

If it's winter, it's tough to keep it from looking at least somewhat gloomy, but at least keep sidewalks shoveled and find some colorful winter decorations to help cheer things up.  Remember, we want things to be tidy and cheerful, no matter what the season.  We want buyers to have a positive experience right from the start!

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